About BVYD

Brave men speak with action.

Ready to meet your top line of defense in the field? No need to hide. Go and tame every monster with your light.Not every hero wears a golden crown, or hears the sound of glory from the crowd. Who said heroes can’t found here on the ground.So stand on your own and never bow down to anyone.Refuse to surrender.

Wearing these powerful clothes and gear to shine, survive, to keep your dream alive.For the meekest and the valiant beat my foes.No matter how much rain and winds may blow, still we will make a stand here all alone.Love the glory’s all your own,Step into the danger zone.You can build the world you won, on top of ruined stones

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About Products

We supply tactical backpacks, gun packs, satchels, water bags, boots, tactical gloves, knee pads, tactical vests, and a series of outdoor tactical equipment to worldwide consumers, distributors, and retailers. 

Our product sizes are produced in accordance with the standard international size. Rest assured to choose according to the regular size when buying our products.

About the Company

BVYD is a factory specializing in the design, production and sales of outdoor tactical products, located in building 27, Huadu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China. We established 6 years ago and now have a factory of 5000 square meters and more than 100 production staff.Our company has a complete and scientific quality management system.

With its own production plant, many old employees have rich experience in design and production in the field of outdoor products. All materials are selected by team experts in person and strictly controlled.

We hold the advantages of high-quality service, comprehensive and thoughtful, excellent product quality and low price to occupy the market, and constantly improve the design, packaging and quality of products to meet a large number of customers.

It is dedicated to providing better quality morning products for entrepreneurs of domestic and foreign trading companies, physical stores and online stores at home and abroad.

Work With Us

Interested in selling BVYD products for yourself? Many of our loyal customers are running their own businesses, e-commerce stores, and men’s clothing sales shops. For more information on our advantageous wholesale prices, please get in touch with us.