FAST PJ Type Helmet

$40.90 USD

Helmet body is made of ABS engineering plastics.
The adjustable system features a replaceable leather front, back of the neck, and side pads for quick detachment, making it easy to put on and take off the communication headset with an internal top headband.
Ventilated liner, repositionable impact pad, and closed-cell comfort foam, unaffected by temperature, altitude, or humidity.
Adopt 4-point suspension system, which is more stable and not easy to shake.
The helmet is equipped with concealed goggles, the lens is clear, and the eyes are completely covered to prevent wind and sand.
Not suitable for large heads. Helmet size: 59 // Inner width: 6.7 in); Inside Length: 8.7 in
Compared with other leisure sports helmets, it provides all the advantages and functions of FAST helmets. Quick helmet with goggles.