Tactical Sling Backpack Military

$55.20 USD

High-strength military specification nylon fabric, durable, breathable, waterproof and scratch-resistant.
The backpack’s carefully constructed 4 pockets of different sizes can fully meet your basic outdoor needs.
The main compartment can carry a lot of necessities; the upper front compartment can be used to hold mobile phones, wallets, glasses, and the lower front compartment and side compartments can be used to hold water bottles, umbrellas, etc.
The backpack uses a large number of MOLLE system designs that can be combined with other equipment.
The adjustable shoulder strap is worn on one shoulder. By rotating the bag from back to front, the operator can enter anytime and anywhere, and can quickly access the items in the bag.
Backpack size: 51*19*21 cm(20″ H x 7.4″ W x 8.2″ D).